‘The Kick Off with Coral” Trends on YouTube


The Kick Off with Coral” rose to the top of the YouTube charts on Saturday to become the #1 trending live stream in its timeslot. The new series, sponsored by betting powerhouse Ladbrokes Coral, gives soccer fans pre, post and live match commentary courtesy of hosts TrueGeordie and Laurence McKenna. Set in a casual format, it serves up a combination of witty banter and in-depth match, player and team analysis – all augmented by RCS’ LaunchPad touchscreen graphics solution, which our team set up prior to the production.

Using LaunchPad, the hosts visualize live stats throughout each episode – from formations to player performance. They also give viewers predictions as to how these stats might impact match and betting outcomes. LaunchPad runs on a small desktop touchscreen, which the hosts control from the comfort of a sofa. Using it, they visualize real-time player, team and match data – switching between a live feed of the hosts and guests, full screen graphics and a full screen graphic featuring a lower video box showing their live show feed.

Hats off to their team for achieving such a feat! If you’re a soccer fan and haven’t had a chance to check out “The Kick Off with Coral” yet, do yourself a favor, and tune in this Saturday.

The Kick Off with Coral – Southampton v ManU