In anticipation of the start of the Liga MX Apertura season on July 22, Fox Sports Mexico began looking for ways to enhance the production value of soccer broadcasts. Hoping to make a splash with graphics that would deliver a fresh new take on soccer, they turned to RCS to transform their vision into reality. Drawing inspiration from digital experiences and video games, RCS designed and built a series of flat, clean visuals that present match information in a nontraditional way, along with custom graphics control software.

Working with the Fox Sports creative team, RCS first developed concepts and storyboards paying careful attention to devise a graphics architecture that would enable match information to be presented in unexpected ways. After designing each element and obtaining approval, we then built more than 50 visuals in Viz Artist – including an innovative new progress timeline bar for highlighting important match developments, a rendered Hallmark that plays at the beginning of each production, a score bug, full screens, sliding side chips and more. To simplify control of the graphics in production, our crew also devised a custom software application featuring a built-in switch for selecting the match, and that changes the base color palette to a designated color theme for each match.