Singular, Reality Check Systems Make Graphics Creation, Integration via HTML5 a Snap

By September 27, 2017

Real-time, broadcast-quality graphics can be data-driven into live streams

Burbank, Calif.September 27, 2017

Reality Check Systems is known for its high-end broadcast-graphics solutions, so it is no surprise to see the company expand its presence by investing in Singular.Live, a company that has a web-based graphics-insertion and -creation interface that is ideal for live-streaming needs. It was unveiled at NAB 2017 but took another step forward in development at IBC last week.

“It’s an HTML5 platform for authoring and compositing graphics, and it also is not a widget, which is how some people in this space do HTML5-based graphics,” says Jeff Heimbold, VP, business development, Reality Check Systems. “It has taken us more than three years to make it robust and a usable product.”

Perform, for example, is using it to create a Netflix-like interface for its DAZN platform that can run in four languages: Japanese, French, German, and English. The system uses data to automatically create full-raster graphics that are output via HDMI-to-SDI cable from the computer into the router.

Highlights of the system include seamless insertion of real-time, broadcast-quality graphics that can be data-driven into live streams. It also has an external control API for easy integration with third-party graphics platforms.

“Someone else can also create the graphics, and it will put the pieces together so a single camera can be used to shoot something, and then all the graphics are finalized in the cloud and sent to the CDN without touching the video,” says Heimbold. “And the graphics can be triggered via automation or someone can trigger via an iPhone, tablet, or computer.”

One goal is to get graphics creation down to the consumer level, with data pushed through templated graphics and give a new level of sophistication to websites and smaller OTT services.

“You can also import files, play clips and logos, and, eventually, we want to get to 3D,” adds Heimbold. “For 20 years, we have been at the top of the pyramid with high-end graphics, but most of the market is in the middle. So we wanted something that would allow us to build things for the wider market.”

One interesting integration is with the LiveU bonded cellular/Wi-Fi video-delivery system. For those using the LiveU system access, Singular.Live is available for free and as a simple option.

“We could have gotten programmers in a room and made a widget,” says Heimbold, “but we wanted an environment that could be built upon.”