RCS Scores Home Run for MLB Network with Data-Driven Graphics Workflow

By May 20, 2016

Cloud-based Tech Fuses Real-time Stats with Timeless Designs to Enable Next-gen Storytelling

Burbank, Calif.May 20, 2016

Burbank, CA (May 20, 2016) – MLB Network’s graphics package and infrastructure received a digital facelift ahead of the 2016 season courtesy of Reality Check Systems (RCS), marking the network’s first graphic redesign since its launch in 2009. RCS in collaboration with MLB Network developed a cohesive new graphics package for the network, which debuted on Opening Day across MLB Network’s studio shows, game coverage and MLB Network Strike Zone and is powered by a new workflow with RCS Foundation at its core. The proprietary cloud-based software curates and organizes stats and synthesizes the information with appropriate designs and templates for real-time playout on-air.

“Data is pivotal to storytelling in baseball and RCS’ new pipeline makes it easy to incorporate stats and execute ideas across programs at lightning speed. At the same time, viewers benefit from an updated look and graphics that make the information more digestible,” shared Chris Mallory, SVP, Creative Services, MLB Network. “Having worked with RCS for years, we knew that we could count on them to build an efficient, scalable workflow and graphics package.”

From inception to delivery, RCS designers, programmers and artists collaborated with MLB Network to bring its vision to life, proposing ideas and compiling designs to achieve a practical, future-proof workflow for fast responding graphics. After designing a timeless graphics package comprised of a baseline ticker and menu strip, among other templates, RCS overhauled MLB Network’s data center, replacing old systems with new technology and integrating it with RCS Foundation. The cloud-based solution streamlines data-driven graphics production for MLB Network, acting as a bridge between its data and graphics. The software aggregates and sorts incoming stats, combines them with Viz templates, and makes the graphics available in MLB Network’s Viz Content Pilot to send to air.

“MLB Network is always working to raise the bar of its on-air product, and working with its creative team is always rewarding. Together, we wanted to develop a simpler way for their production teams to display, discuss and analyze data for multiple games happening at the same time, and knew that a workflow with Foundation at its center would allow that,” shared RCS Co-Founder and Executive Producer Steven Heimbold. “In the past, MLB Network had to process all of the data for graphics at an individual level, but with Foundation, all that is automated now. As data comes in, the software recognizes where it is needed, how it needs to get there and the protocol for combining it with the right template.”

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