Singular.Live Drives Dynamic Premier League Graphics for ‘The Kick Off with Coral’

Trending YouTube series “The Kick Off with Coral” continues to draw in more than 500K viewers each week as hosts True Geordie and Laurence McKenna give Premier League fans a run-down of the latest scores and stats, and betting predictions each match day. In-depth analysis augmented by RCS’ LaunchPad touchscreen graphics solution is a key part of the show, and the series’ production company, Formidable Productions, recently opted to take its production value up a notch further by integrating broadcast-quality graphics powered by the Singular.Live Platform.
RCS and the Formidable crew worked together to establish and build a set of graphics within the Singular.Live platform that could be rendered and controlled live via the web during productions. The Singular package comprises a fully automated ticker with real-time Premier League scores; match times and schedules; lower third topic bars featuring in-play match stats; side slabs for table movement through match day; social media bugs featuring viewer content; and lower third show promos.  It’s been a blast working with McKenna, Geordie, Formidable and Coral on a show that is so dedicated to its fan base, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to help make their production even more fun and engaging for their audience.