Bundesliga Surprises Fans with New Redesign Featuring Graphics by RCS


It’s trivia time: which international soccer league draws in the biggest crowd? Not only is Germany’s Bundesliga currently ranked second in performance by UEFA, but it also drew an average of 41,515 fans per game during the 2016-17 season, marking the second highest fan turnout for a sports league in the world after NFL. With a reputation like that, it’s no surprise that Bundesliga competitions are broadcast to more than 200 countries.

To maintain its appeal to such a massive, diverse fan base, Bundesliga is always on the lookout for ways to improve the viewing experience. Recently the league decided to rebrand its international feed, which airs on Fox Sports, Eurosport, Sky and many other sports networks worldwide. Having worked with RCS on past projects, they came to us to help refine their new look and execute a complete broadcast graphics rebuild.

Our team worked fast and furious to deliver an impressive graphics package featuring all the traditional soccer elements – from lower thirds to half and full screens, video boxes and side wing graphics. We also built scorebug and flythrough lineup pages with custom integrated logic. The redesign launched on August 5 during the Bayern vs Dortmund DFL Supercut Final, but if you missed it, you can check out the new look on Friday as the regular season gets underway with Bayern vs Bayer, or over the weekend.