Uppercut is a compact, revolutionary PCR touchscreen and custom hardware solution that delivers live graphics-enabled content to air without the overhead of a remote truck or larger studio setup. Literally a complete, uniquely tailored broadcast studio in a box, Uppercut rivals the output of expensive production trucks and fully staffed studio control facilities, often with no more than a single operator at the controls and solo talent on air.

RCS Uppercut’s small footprint and customized real-time graphics output ensures you can deliver graphics-enhanced live action and critical updates, such as breaking news and press conferences, with just a few rack units of space and a maximum of two operators.  Features include, but are not limited to, insert graphics packages, cutting/mixing/wiping HD video, audio mixing, replay playback, multi-box layouts, playlist creation, and custom presets for easy automation.

Ten years in the making, RCS Uppercut is rapidly transforming our clients’s productions and budgets. NFL, MLB, DirecTV, and Sky Germany, are among our key partners who have already made Uppercut a central component of their broadcast strategies.