RCS’ history of collaboration with DIRECTV runs deep, and in 2016, the satellite provider returned to our team looking to refresh its Mix Channels. The first series of new designs debuted on the U.S. Open Mix Channel in August, followed by the NFL Sunday Ticket in September and then the Election in November. The U.S. Open look featured an animated New York Skyline that changed color with the time of day, in addition to spinning CG unisphere, while the NFL Sunday Ticket channel houses a stadium background. Custom looks for more than 20 other Mix Channels – including everything from general news, sports and weather to MLB and NCAA basketball coverage to the PGA Championship and more – are slated to roll out throughout the reminder of the year and into 2017.

Having been involved in the creation of DIRECTV’s original Mix Channels and worked with their team on several projects since, we are familiar with their stylistic preferences and technology infrastructure, which streamlined the process – from the initial concepting and design phase through to the extension of their workflow. Together we envisioned unique ideas for each channel design. Once designs were approved, we created the Viz scene and ancillary elements, ensuring that the graphics would operate seamlessly across each Mix Channel.