For the 2018 World Cup long time client Univision Deportes looked to RCS to develop an interactive LaunchPad application that controls AR tactical and statistical analysis.

On Saturday, December 23, 2017 the soccer fans from around the world tuned into one of the most-anticipated annual matchups in sports – El Clásico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. For such a spectacle of an event, Reality Check Systems helped beIN Sports match that spectacle with their pregame show, delivering a series of augmented reality graphics activated using their touchscreen soccer analysis application, LaunchPad.

Included in the package were graphics for team profiles, player profiles and comparisons, and a 3D interactive virtual pitch that allowed presenters to display both predicted and Opta’s official starting XI. 3D models of the players could be moved from the touchscreen, and would mirror those movements by walking around the virtual pitch.