BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment’s annual gamer convention held in Anaheim, CA, returned to AT&T DIRECTV Pay-Per-View in 2016 – this time in 4K with UHD graphics and technology provided by RCS. Our team helped AT&T DIRECTV integrate 20 hours of live 4K footage shot over two days with 1080 content provided by Blizzard. Working with their team, we first upresed Blizzard’s existing HD insert graphics package to make it compatible with the 4K production pipeline, and then devised a technique to wrap the 1080 content from Blizzard with graphics to achieve a UHD output. We also built a new 4K graphic that allowed AT&T DIRECTV to engage viewers with live tweets. Three of our UHD Bullets drove the graphics for the 4K broadcast, while one HD Bullet was tapped to power HD graphics on screens during panel discussions. RCS also created looping backgrounds for all of Blizzard’s titles to be shown on 3840 x 1080 screens behind on-camera talent.