Red Bull Rampage

October 26th marked the 13th edition of Red Bull Rampage, the world’s premier freeride mountain bike competition. Held annually near Zion National Park in Utah, the invitation-only event is similar to freestyle skiing and snowboarding, where competitors are judged on their choice of lines down the course, their technical ability and the complexity of tricks. For the 2018 program, Red Bull teamed with to enhance the live streaming experience by offering viewers live, interactive polling graphics during the 4 1/2 hours coverage. Viewers were asked to pick their favorite rider, event and trick and the results updated continuously in real-time throughout the duration of the poll. The polling overlays were rendered via Red Bull’s Bitmovin player on the viewer’s web-enabled device. This was the first Singular project where live, client side interactive graphics were rendered at scale for a major event. To our knowledge it was a first for anyone in the live streaming industry. A big thank you to our friends at Red Bull and Bitmovin for breaking new ground with Singular!