Get to Know RCS: Glenn White

By April 12, 2017Featured, Uncategorized

2017 marks our twentieth anniversary, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than highlighting the amazing RCS crew who has helped make our business a success over the last two decades. As we continue in this milestone year for the company we’re excited to debut our new blog series “Get to Know RCS.” Each month we’ll chat with RCS team members about their background and work experience, as well as how they like to spend their free time, and report back to you. First up, RCS Producer and resident golf aficionado Glenn White.

When did you start working at RCS?

February of 2005…the same month Tom Brady won his second Super Bowl, Destiny’s Child and Green Day ruled the airwaves and George W. Bush was starting his second year in office. Has it been that long??!!

What enticed you to join the company?

I wanted to work in an exciting environment with a young and vibrant creative team working on cutting edge technologies in the Sports Media space, and that’s what RCS was all about at the time. We’ve since expanded into social, AR, e-sports and more, which means there’s never a dull moment around here.

Give us a quick overview of your background.

I’m a UCLA alumnus (Go Bruins!). I started in production, working out of ESPN’s HQ in Bristol, CT, on shows like SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight and College Football Gameday. When FOX Sports announced they were developing FSN, I moved back to Los Angeles to work on the launch of its regional networks and national studio shows at the Fox movie lot in Century City. After a couple of years, I took a position with the FOX Sports Marketing group to work on promotions/campaigns for FOX Sports properties like the Super Bowl, World Series and Daytona 500, as well as efforts for FSN and Speed Channel. In 2005, I joined RCS and started work on my first project here – the launch of Serie A soccer for Sky Italia. I’ve been at RCS ever since, and that’s a testament to what a great company it is to work for.


How have your knowledge and skillset evolved since joining RCS?

Working at RCS has given me hands-on experience in bringing a project from concept to completion. My technical skills/knowledge have evolved over the years by learning programming, network operational workflow, creative design/applications and hardware and software development. Over the years I’ve also learned how to build and develop websites from the ground up.

Describe the RCS team in three words.

Passionate, creative, vibrant.

Tell us, what’s an average day at the office like?

No two days are ever the same. I work with the Design, Realtime, Software and Hardware departments on various projects in development, and collaborate with the production team on project planning. I also participate in client meetings for current and future projects, and also work closely with the PR and marketing teams to refine the RCS message across platforms – from our website to our social channels.

What do you love most about your job?

I really enjoy the collaboration and tight-knit teamwork across departments at RCS. The RCS team enjoys working together in the office, and while also supporting clients remotely for events like the Super Bowl and Final Four. I think it’s great that RCS encourages team building activities outside of work from basketball and softball teams, to group hikes and wine tasting. Working on the biggest events and shows with amazing clients is also a huge bonus. It’s exciting to collaborate with the big networks like NFL Network, Golf Channel, UFC, DirecTV, CBS Sports and Turner Sports on sports productions I’ve watched since I was a small kid.


Where have you traveled in your time at RCS?

Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Orlando, New York, Houston, San Francisco and Las Vegas. And of course Osaka Teriyaki House on Alameda, the best lunch spot in Burbank!

What piece of advice would you offer to future RCS clients? 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and push the envelope on creative and technical tasks.

Do you have any favorite RCS memories to share?

Some of my greatest memories here have been made while working with our creative team for remote projects – from the NASCAR Hotpass proof of concept in Las Vegas to living in Milan for a month for the Serie A project launch, working on Super Bowl 50 shows in Santa Clara all week and my first MMA event for the UFC rebrand for UFC 189.

Tell us about an RCS project you’ve worked on that you’re proud of.

Working on Super Bowl 50 and March Madness projects during the same 5-month period and launching them a month apart in Santa Clara, NYC and Houston. I am very proud of RCS winning a Sports Emmy award for our work on Super Bowl 50.

How has technology changed since you started at RCS?

When I started at RCS we were still in an analog world, with the digital space evolving. High definition production was still in its infancy. At the time we were still using digi beta tapes and CD’s to make project deliveries. In 2017, those are no longer needed because we are in the HD streaming world watching content in 2 and 4K with endless entertainment options.


What’s something that was cool 20 years ago, but is no longer cool today?

A multi disc CD player in your car. Didn’t Titanic come out 20 years ago?

Any unique hobbies outside of work?

I love to play sports like golf, tennis and basketball. During the Spring and Summer I like to train at the Rose Bowl. Can I mention my cats without sounding like a weirdo?

Who is your favorite sports team?

Any UCLA sports team (Football and Basketball are 1a and 1b).

If someone were to play you in a movie, who would it be, and why?  

Matt Damon. Never met him before but I think we would have a lot in common and Jason Bourne is awesome!! Plus we look a lot alike.

What did you last Google?

The Location of the 2019 Final 4, where I hope to be in two years from now watching UCLA win its next hoops national title.

What’s your favorite emoji?

The chillin happy face.