With baseball season officially in full swing, on Opening Day 2015 MLB launched “MLB Central,” its new morning show that provides fans with daily baseball news, highlights, analysis and interviews. Broadcast from a new 8,000 square foot studio comprising state-of-the-art technology, the show features compelling, animated graphics (standings, logos, player graphics and more) that run across seven suspended monitors and two larger monitor walls.

MLB turned to RCS to develop graphics scenes and templates for the show. Our team then architected a flexible solution to output graphics to all seven flying banners and other monitors, and to allow operators to make changes to them simultaneously. The system processes information from MLB’s database, interfaces it with graphics and then populates the monitors with them, giving audiences a more dynamic viewing experience.

A dedicated RCS crew of RCS engineers, artists and programmers completed the project over the course of five months, and also delivered a new insert graphics package for the show. The custom setup for the monitors is also being leveraged on returning MLB shows “MLB Now” and “Quick Pitch.”

MLB Network Extends Programming, Studio Footprint in Time for Opening Day

MLB Network to debut new morning show on Opening Day