On November 4, the American public is turning its attention to the TV screen, as voters tune in to watch the 2014 Midterm Election results roll in. NBC, MSNBC and CNBC plan to make a big splash this year with their coverage of the event by incorporating dynamic real-time graphics from RCS into each broadcast.

Working with NBC’s Vizrt workflow and the studio’s creative and real-time graphics departments, our crew delivered a wide variety of fullscreen and insert graphics for NBC’s elections broadcasts using Viz scripting, so that each graphic would integrate seamlessly into NBC’s interactive applications and sets. The network will use custom race boards, polls and charts developed by our team to quickly and easily illustrate election predictions and results in an engaging way.

To visualize the American electorate, our also crew designed national and state maps broken down by county and congressional district, which will air tonight. Additionally, we built social media templates for NBC’s main header, side panel and ticker that will allow the network to gauge reactions to its coverage almost instantly.

This project marks our first official collaboration with NBC News, and we look forward to working with their incredible team again in the future.