2014 BlizzCon gaming convention

As Blizzard Entertainment’s 2014 BlizzConn gaming convention kicks off this weekend in Anaheim, DIRECTV is pulling out all of the stops to immerse Pay-Per-View (PPV) audiences in the festivities, including social media graphics powered by RCS solutions.

From coverage of developer discussion panels about the popular “World of Warcraft” franchise, to “Hearthstone” and “Starcraft II” gaming tournaments, costume competitions and more, the network will share live viewer and participant tweets as lower thirds throughout the broadcast using RCS’ Twitter Bullet mobile graphics workstation and TwitterOnTV software.

This year’s coverage will also feature an updated graphics package from RCS that includes new brackets, matchup comparisons, video boxes and more, and as the cameras pan across booths spread throughout the convention center, viewers can see pre-rendered backgrounds designed by our team at RCS.