Singular.Live, is the world’s most advanced digital overlay platform enabling anyone to make their content look better, be more engaging, and more immersive for their audience. Singular was developed by award winning industry experts and allows anyone to create live digital overlays quickly and easily from a web browser.

Taking advantage of digital technology Singular overlays stand apart from traditional graphics.

On Device Singular overlays are rendered by the viewer’s device rather than burned onto the video. This enables interactivity,  localisation, personalisation and more.

On Demand Singular overlays allow your VOD content to remain live as all Singular elements can be updated at any time, even after publishing. So if your design style changes or you get a new sponsor you can easily update the overlays even on your published content.

Singular is integrated with a wide range of partners and players making it even easier to use and our recent Recast tool allows you to add it to your NDI workflow.
You can download Recast here for free: Link
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Singular.Live highlights include:

  • Seamless insertion of real-time, broadcast-quality overlays into live streams
  • Robust data integration for driving advanced data visualizations
  • Intuitive controls for managing real-time graphics production
  • Scalable cloud-based infrastructure
  • Video player, control app and widget SDKs, as well as REST API for integration with third-party platforms


The platform is completely free to use with a small watermark on the output. Use our full creation tool or choose from dozens of pre made overlays. Control your overlays with our intuitive applications or create your own custom applications using our REST API. The entire platform is free to use. If you wish to remove the watermark, the cost is $20/hour when streaming live or atlernatively if you are a heavy user, contact us via

Live Sporting Events

FOX Sports Featured Tees Channel for the US Open provided exclusive coverage powered by Singular.

Live Enhanced Interactive Experience

The live stream of the event on provided an enhanced, cutting edge viewing experience. Custom interactive live overlays, powered by Singular.

Live News Events

BuzzFeed approached and partner Grabyo to power their huge 7 hour live March For Our Lives streaming show across Facebook Live, Youtube, Periscope and Twitch

Live Theatre Experience

Super League Gaming hosted The Archer’s Cup on Tuesday, November 13 in 16 cities across the United States, and used overlays powered by Singular to enhance both their on-site and online audience interactivity.

New to Check out this video so see how easy it is to add live overlays to your stream. Our cloud solution makes it simple to enhance your production from anywhere and keep your audience hooked.

Singular overlays have already been used on over 1.5 million hours of video content in 2019 by visionaries all over the world. Check out some of what our community of users have been creating:

Our Mission

Provide a comprehensive web/mobile real-time data driven overlays platform that will enable broadcasters, publishers, and other content producers to easily build personalized interactive content and to better engage and monetize their audience