MLB Network surprised fans on Opening Day 2016 with the debut of a cohesive new graphics package across its studio shows, game coverage and MLB Network Strike Zone – marking the network’s first graphic redesign since its launch in 2009. A longtime MLB Network vendor, Reality Check Systems (RCS) was enlisted to provide graphics designs and builds, and develop a cloud-based workflow to streamline data-driven graphics production.

From inception to delivery, our team worked with MLB Network to bring its vision to life. We designed and built all new graphics including a baseline ticker and menu strip, among other elements. Our crew then overhauled MLB Network’s data center, replacing old systems with newer technology and integrating it with RCS Foundation, our cloud-based software that streamlines data-driven graphics production. It acts as a bridge between data and graphics, aggregating and organizing the stats, synthesizing them with the appropriate Viz templates and making them available in Viz Content Pilot for playout in real-time.

MLB Network is in the running for the 2016 Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Technical Team Studio and Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design honors for “MLB Tonight,” as well as a George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for its 4K/HD MLB Network Showcase.