Facebook’s Media Solutions Program debuted new tools this week for broadcasters that provide access to data from the social network to create memorable visuals for viewers throughout programming. As part of the initiative, they collaborated with our Public Content Solutions team to create custom graphics displays that give life to the stories, people and media trending on the social network in a broadcast format. Dubbed “Facebook Now,” the installations, which reside in the company’s New York and Menlo Park offices, provide detailed visualizations of buzzworthy Facebook data in a broadcast format that could easily be integrated in newsrooms, media outlets, offices and other professional environments.

“Facebook Now” combines Vizrt technology with custom RCS control software, making popular Facebook data accessible via the social network’s API for real-time display in an animated layout. We worked closely with the Facebook team to develop a variety of modifiable templates that illustrate everything from leading topic trends to top posts, popular Instagram photos and more. Each display is powered by Ignite, RCS’ new solution that fuses real-time data and breaking news with dynamic 3D graphics to offer 24/7 live coverage of developments ranging from sports to social media. As we continue to work with Facebook’s media solutions team to evolve the displays, we’ll be adding a host of new visualizations and templates.

To learn more about Facebook’s new offering for broadcasters, visit the Media Solutions team’s blog.