On Thursday, September 15, 2016, the NFL made history as it brought fans the first-ever live stream of a football game on Twitter. As the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets squared off in Ralph Wilson Stadium, 2.3 million Twitter users tuned into the social media network to catch a piece of the action. The stream accompanied simultaneous broadcasts on CBS and NFL Network (NFLN) – a tri-cast that featured graphics built and enhanced by RCS.

Prior to the first tri-cast, RCS refreshed the insert graphics package originally built before the launch of Thursday Night Football (TNF) in 2014. RCS developed more than 330 original elements, which are used during all TNF game broadcasts, halftime shows and post-game coverage. From a stats-driven in-game scorebar to a custom ticker, which runs from master control in NYC and Atlanta, the package is powered by custom software developed out of our Burbank facility. Eight more Thursday Night Football tri-casts featuring these graphics are scheduled for the season.