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The Bullet

RCS Bullet is a plug-and-play, turnkey mobile graphics workstation that powers live graphics production on game day—from anywhere—for major sports networks and leagues worldwide. Unequaled in the broadcast industry, RCS Bullet combines powerful broadcast software with industry-standard hardware to drive high-quality, real-time graphics on air.

The RCS Bullet fleet features an intuitive, user-friendly UI and fits seamlessly into any broadcast environment. Available to rent in three portable models that simplify live production workflows, reduce overhead and minimize staff expansion and training time, each RCS Bullet unit is pre-configured to meet a client’s specifications and delivered or installed on OB trucks, production studios and master control facilities by RCS engineers.

Graphics Systems Rentals

The Reality Check hardware division provides remote graphics hardware and software with our revolutionary mobile systems.  Compact, easy to ship, and available to rent for single events or entire sporting seasons; our rental systems have made broadcasting graphics convenient for any client, any venue.

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RCS Custom Computers

Since 2007, Reality Check has furnished a full line of custom computers designed solely for high-end mobile graphic installments.  Our 3 RU models are tailored to suit every clients’ needs.  These rack-mountable computers come compact and thermal tested, so they can withstand the tightest or most extreme production environments.  Inside, they are powered with the latest Intel processors and can house any NVIDIA Quardro and Kepler video card.

The 1300R is the only 1RU VizRT Render engine in existence.  It can be configured to be a full database server, a front-end control for custom software, or a single channel realtime graphics generator.  This tiny yet powerful computer is essential when space is limited.

Our flagship 2RU model, the 2300R, can accomplish virtually anything.  Whether powering a double wide video card with a Matrox I/O card, setup as a VizRT Trio workstation in a Bullet, or running as a database, this computer provides the perfect blend of size and performance.

The 3300R is the most powerful system in the fleet.  VizRT Engine, 3D applications, Stereoscopic, Raid setups; these are just some of the configurations this model can achieve.  Despite its many capabilities, the 3300R is twice as light as any “off the shelf” 3RU server and only 20” long.  This computer does it all.