As part of its Clash Royale¬†City Champs¬†tournament, Super League Gaming hosted The Archer’s Cup on Tuesday, November 13 in 16 cities across the United States, and used graphics powered by Singular to enhance both their on-site and online audience interactivity. Each of the 16 venues hosted a local competition for the first hour of the event, with the city’s best players squaring off. The top five scorers then moved on to the next stage, in which they teamed up to face the top players from each city to crown a City Champ. Each location was running a live feed of their local tournament, displaying game play footage and leader boards updating in real time. This hud, powered by Singular and controlled by an automated system developed by Super League Gaming, later displayed five concurrent matches as the cities faced off against each other and allowed each city feed to highlight specific matches most relevant to them. In addition to the in-venue video, Super League Gaming also used Singular to enhance its live stream on Twitch, which jumped between various cities, spotlighting a single match at a time while displaying a constantly updating leader board. Super League Gaming’s Clash Royale City Champs will continue on December 12 with the Fall King’s Cup.

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